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Art Statement

I birth and maintain my work on the principle that the world is a place of design by man that can corrupt or restore beauty. I am equally a participant extending my best and worst to my environment and fellow human beings. 

I am a resident artist born and raised in Los Angeles. I paint the city in which I live and the people who inhabit it as they interact, weave between, and celebrate themselves and each other.

My work is versatile as my insatiable vision affords me a prolific artist reality. I create a new collection habitually as ideas constantly enter my mind as justifiable expressions with which I communicate. The paintings are visually abstract disfigurements and representational simultaneously as each construct exposes the reality to which we all contribute and from which we all evolve. Colorful and bold with various shapes and images, these paintings explore the beautiful and obscene. Specific elements of reality align as stagnating torsos of man and woman mutually endure in a corruptible world. 

In my work, there is a conversation that is geographically and geometrically united by human anatomy and genealogy that travels through time and image. 

My themes communicate a speech of love and anger relative to the tragedies and triumphs and all that exists in-between as a verifiable definition of humanity. I deconstruct to reconstruct.

I see my work connecting the cultures of academia and street as I relate the same honest reality and essence of the humanity of everyday people found all over the world. In a sense, my work is simple and diverse yet intellectual and universal where all minds exist. 


The more I explore in my work, the more I realize the necessity to define my relationship with society on an intimate, individual basis as an observer and as an insider.  It was where I belong in regards to myself, my relationship with my environment, and the world on a fundamental and intimate level that I define my work and my place in the life I live and extend as an artist and human being.




Studio X                                                                                                                    2021

Prohibition Gallery                                                                                    2015

Lancers                                                                                                    2009

Silver Lake Art Gallery                                                                               2004

Gallery 8                                                                                                 2003 

Gallery 8                                                                                                 2002

V.C. Gallery                                                                                             2000

Ark Gallery                                                                                              1998 

Barnes & Noble                                                                                        1998

Camino Real                                                                                            1998




It's Liquid. Venice, Italy                                                                                             2019

Building Bridges Gallery (National Semi-Finals)                                              2015

4 Elements Gallery                                                                                     2012

Hangar 1018                                                                                            2008

Metro Gallery "2 man show"                                                                       2007

Metro Gallery                                                                                            2006

Museo de Chamizal (Mexico)                                                                      2003

Hal Marcus Gallery "2 man show"                                                              2003

V.C. Gallery                                                                                              2001

Bridge Center Gallery                                                                                2000

Camino Real                                                                                             2000

Ark Gallery                                                                                              1998

Galeria Palacio                                                                                        1998

Ysleta Independent School District                                                               1996


                               PUBLICATIONS / MEDIA


Artillery Magazine (Los Angeles)

Art LTD (Los Angeles)

Tu Ciudad Magazine (Los Angeles)

Disney "Latino Heritage Publication" (Los Angeles)

Brooklyn and Boyle Magazine

El Paso Times (TX)

Channel 7 News " Morning Show (TX)

Accent On The Arts " Cable Show" (TX)

What's Up, Magazine (TX)

Looking at El Paso, Magazine (TX)

El Paso Scene, Magazine

Diario "Newspaper" (Mexico)

El Paso Inc. Magazine

Channel 56 News (TX)

Channel 7, Segment (TX)

Channel 48 Telemundo " Succeeding without borders. (Mexico)

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